Money-hungry dog eats $4,000 (GHC47,647) kept by its owners to pay contractor

A dog got in trouble for chewing up $4,000 (GHC47,647.32) cash that its owners kept in an envelope to pay a contractor who had worked for them.

Money-hungry dog eats $4,000 its owners kept in envelope to pay contractor

Cecil, a dog from Pennsylvania, became famous for eating the hard-earned money to the surprise of its owners. The owners, Clayton and Carrie Law, found most of the torn bills after searching through Cecil's poop and vomit, but $450 is still missing.

In early December, Clayton put an envelope with $4,000 on his kitchen counter in Pittsburgh. He and Carrie needed to pay a contractor in cash for putting up a fence. About 30 minutes later, Clayton was surprised to see his dog chewing the money.

Carrie Law recalled, "Suddenly Clayton yelled to me, 'Cecil's eating $4,000!'" She said, "I thought, 'I cannot be hearing that.' I almost had a heart attack." The Laws described Cecil as a "goofy guy" who usually doesn't care about food but apparently likes money.


After eating, Cecil took a nap on the couch. The couple called a veterinary officer to check if Cecil needed medical help. Luckily, since Cecil is a big dog, they just had to watch him at home.

Interestingly, the couple decided to piece together their torn notes. They had to wait for Cecil to cough up the cash for them to clean them before piecing them together.

"There we are at the utility sink," Carrie said. "It smelled so bad." They tried taping the $50 and $100 bills bit by bit, finding serial numbers to make sure the banks would accept and replace them.

The bank took most of the notes, but they couldn't recover $450.


It is not the first time a dog chewed its owners' money. A similar thing reportedly happened in 2022 when a dog in Florida ate $2,000 (£1,576). Rather than being sad, the owners joked about the incident, saying the remaining cash would be their most expensive piece of art.


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