NDC poses 35 critical questions to Electoral Commission over stolen biometric devices

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has intensified pressure on the Electoral Commission (EC) following the recent theft of critical biometric equipment from the heavily surveilled EC headquarters. In a press conference held on April 15, Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, General Secretary of the NDC, presented 35 probing questions aimed at eliciting detailed clarification from the EC regarding the circumstances surrounding the theft and subsequent actions taken.

Jean Mensa

The theft, which has raised concerns about the integrity of Ghana's upcoming elections, has prompted the NDC to demand written answers from the EC, seeking accountability and transparency in the handling of the situation. The questions cover various aspects of the incident, from the discovery of the missing kits to protocols for storing sensitive items at the EC headquarters.

Key questions posed by the NDC include inquiries about the status of the missing kits, the timeline of events leading up to the theft, efforts taken by the EC to recover the equipment, and protocols followed for the safekeeping of such devices. Additionally, the NDC seeks clarification on the deployment of Biometric Verification Devices (BVDs) to polling stations, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the integrity of Ghana's electoral process.

Below are the questions the NDC is seeking answers to:

  1. Have the missing kits been found?
  2. If so, when (date & time) and where were they found? How were the missing items discovered?
  3. How many kits are missing and cannot be found or traced?
  4. What are the serial numbers of the kits under discussion?
  5. Does the EC have the purchasing invoices together with serial numbers at the time of purchase of the missing items?
  6. Did the EC have an official recorded inventory of the missing items prior to the theft?
  7. Is there a present inventory of such sensitive items to aid a comprehensive inquiry that can allay the fears of stakeholders?
  8. When (date & time using CCTV) did the EC become aware that the items were missing, did the EC hold an immediate/emergency formal meeting to discuss the missing items?
  9. If yes: (a) who attended that meeting? (b) Are there minutes of that meeting? (c) Was it resolved at that meeting to report to the police?
  10. If it was reported to the police, what is the time lapse between the discovery of the theft and the report to the police?
  11. Who in the EC made the report to the police?
  12. Is there a formal extract of the report to the police?
  13. What is the status of the report?
  14. Is there a weekly/regular briefing on the status of the report?
  15. Has the EC received any statements or reports from the persons with personal charge of the kits regarding the loss of the kits? Kindly provide us copies of the statements or reports, if any.
  16. Did the police arrest the culprit(s)? Is or are the culprit(s) on bail? Is or are the culprit(s) still in Ghana?
  17. When was the last time these kits were deployed for purposes of voter registration?
  18. Where were the kits kept before they were deployed?
  19. Which registration stations used the missing kits?
  20. Who specifically was/were in charge of the kits when they were last deployed for registration?
  21. Did the missing kits contain any data of voters and EC apps?
  22. If yes, does the EC have backups for the data stored on the missing kits?
  23. If yes, had the data already been transferred either manually or electronically to the National Voters Register for purposes of voting in the future?
  24. What are the protocols for storing such devices at the EC headquarters?
  25. Were these protocols followed for the missing items?
  26. Who is personally responsible for the safekeeping of these items?
  27. The individuals responsible for these items, are they permanent or temporary EC staff?
  28. If temporary staff, how long have they worked for the EC?

The NDC's decision to pose these questions underscores its commitment to holding the EC accountable and safeguarding the transparency of Ghana's electoral process. By seeking detailed answers, the NDC aims to provide reassurance to the Ghanaian public and prevent any potential compromises in the upcoming elections.

The EC is yet to respond to the NDC's demands for written answers, but the pressure continues to mount as stakeholders await clarification on the troubling incident. With the elections drawing nearer, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on the EC's response and its efforts to address the concerns raised by the NDC and other concerned parties.


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