Pastor says his mother died 3 different times and he resurrected her

A pastor has triggered a heated debate following his claim to possess the power to resurrect dead people and that he has brought his mother to life three different times after her death.

Prophet Clear Malisa

The claim by the Swahili pastor, identified as Prophet Clear Malisa, became more interesting after his alleged 3-time resurrected mother was captured in a video testifying to the claim.

“One of the things that I will never forget in my whole life is the day my mother died, and then I prayed for her to come back to life,” Prophet Malisa said.

The congregation to whom he made the claim during a sermon on Sunday reacted to the testimony with loud applause.

“It's true. The first time he was about 9 years old, in the third grade. I was very sick. It was on a Sunday when I was alone at home with him and his younger sibling. Until I didn't understand what was going on, he asked me to come, and to my shock, I was healthy. That was the first time,” Prophet Malisa’s mother, who was present in the church during the sermon, said, leaving the congregants awestruck.


However, the viral video of Prophet Clear Malisa's claims stirred a wave of scepticism and disagreement on social media. Users expressed their doubts, accusing the pastor of making a mockery of God with his sensational assertions.

Well, only God can tell whether his servant has peddled falsehood using His name, or it is social media users who are fainthearted and doubting Thomases.

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