Valentine's Day turns sour for suspected gays in Ashaley Botwe

The Valentine's Day romantic fantasies of an alleged gay man in Ashaley Botwe, a suburb of Accra, turned sour when he was brutally attacked by irate youth in the neighbourhood after apparently catching him red-handed in the abhorred act.


According to eyewitness accounts, the alleged gay, Abdul Karim Hassan, who is 39 years old and grew up in Ashaley Botwe, has never had a girlfriend and always in the company of guys, most often strangers who come to visit him, even at odd hours.

His friends have always pointed accusing fingers at him, especially when rumours began in the area that he had attempted to kiss one of his peers some years ago, which Hassan vehemently denied.

His cup apparently ran over on February 14 this year when one of his strange 'male' friends visited him, perhaps to celebrate the big day for 'lovers.'

They held hands together and roamed the streets in the vicinity as people partied, eventually also joining an all-night jam in a one-night club.


In the frenzy of the merrymaking, the two 'lovers' could not restrain themselves and started embracing and fondling each other, allegedly even kissing on the dance floor in the midst of the huge crowd.

His suspicious friends who kept eyes on them suddenly raised an alarm, which brought the whole party to a standstill as they started beating up the two alleged gay lovers mercilessly.

They claimed Hassan was a disgrace to the Islamic religion and his family but it took the intervention of other merrymakers to save the two from fatal consequences, after which Hassan and his 'lover' escaped.

The eyewitness who pleaded anonymity said reliable family sources indicated that Hassan reported the matter to the police, who issued him with a medical report to receive treatment at the hospital while they investigated the matter and launched a manhunt for the culprits.

"It was very barbaric the way the guys beat them up, I felt so sorry for them. I didn't see them kissing as the accusers claimed, but even if they are gay, it's only wise to hand them over to the police," she told this writer.


"The rampant beating up of suspected criminals and other offenders must stop because we have law enforcement agencies to handle any suspicious person or activity. Just report to the police," the eyewitness advised.

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