On Friday, June 9, Ghana will say goodbye to a hero, a victim of injustice parading itself as justice.

Slain military hero Captain Adam Maxwell Mahama would be laid to rest.

Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama was sent to Denkyira-Obuasi to head a platoon of about 30 soldiers three weeks ago, a duty that saw him pay an ultimate price with his life.

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Because of the enormous news coverage that the death of the late captain has received, the final farewell of him has become a subject of significant public interest.

It is believed that the 31-year-old captain, who left behind a wife and two children, might be buried in the following manner.

1.       He will be buried at the military cemetery, thus the family doesn’t have to buy a land.

2.       He will be buried in his ceremonial uniform.

3.       His sword and cap will be placed on his coffin to signify his position as a commissioned officer. The coffin will also be wrapped in a Ghana flag, accompanied by guards of honour, drumming and other military idiosyncrasies.

4.       There will be a 21-gun salute by his colleagues to show that even in death, their solidarity with him endures.

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5.       He will be buried in a special coffin produced by the Ghana Military Academy.

6.    A ceremony consisting of the folding and presentation of the Ghana flag to his wife will take place, intended to signify honour to the spouse of the deceased.