“We do a very good job!”  president of the Ghana Sachet and Bottle Water Producers Association told pulse.com.gh on the quality and safety of the water they produce for sale.

Speaking on Citi Fm the head of communications at the Ghana Water Company Limited Stanley Martey downplayed the safety of sachet water which is consumed by 43 per cent of urban dwellers according to a 2014 Demographic and Health Survey report by the Ghana Health Service and the Ghana Statistical Service.

“I’m wondering why people drink the sachet water. The conditions under which some of the companies operate are terrible,” Martey said.

He also alleged that the sachet water producers only filter the water from GWCL and sell it to the public.

In an interview with pulse.com.gh Nunoo says “we actually treat the water”.

Nunoo says filtering the water from GWCL is a requirement as the water from the GWCL gets contaminated before it gets to consumers.

“Once they put it in the transmission lines, and they themselves admit that the line are old, by the time it gets to your home it is nothing to write home about in terms of the microbiology content and it demands treatment and that is where we come in.” He said.

He says their water is safer for consumption compared to the one from GWCL as they also have the approval from the Food and Drugs Authority.