A Chinese woman passes a black man through a washing machine and a white-skinned Asian springs out. It is an advert just as racist as the word itself.

This is from an advertisement for Qiaobi, manufacturers of washing detergent which was broadcast on television and in some cinemas in May in China.

The advert shows a Chinese woman preparing to do her laundry and a black man, apparently a house painter, look so very 'turned on' and whistling.

On a background music close to that of a bad erotic film, what looks like an almost romantic moment begins with the woman pretending to draw the man close for a kiss.

She shoves the male actor headfirst into a washing machine, but not without first taking time to put a sizeable amount of detergent in his mouth.

She then sits on the machine with the man screaming; reopens after a while  and out of the machine comes out a beautiful white T-shirt on the body of a smiling man with Asian features.

Yes, the ad literally washed the 'black' off the man.

Racism against blacks in China is not uncommon, an article about the advert in the Shangaiist notes.

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But this racist advertising is not unique to China. Because it is actually a very clever adaptation of another racist Italian ad. Unlike the Italian version, the Chinese replaces the Italian man with a black muscular body.

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