A picture of John Dumelo donating 6 maths sets and some boxes of chalk and pens to a school in the Volta Region of Ghana has gone viral.

The picture was tweeted by a user on Twitter under the username, @Ghana_Matters.

The user captioned the photo, "John Dumelo donates six maths set, chalk and pens as part of his Volta region tour. ".

Initially I was a bit skeptic about whether the renowned actor, businessman and philanthropist (in his own words) had actually donated 6 sets of mathematical instruments to the school.

John Dumelo has since tried to clear the air. According to the actor he had donated over "100 math sets". He tweeted:

UPDATE :  "I donated over 100 math set, not just 6" - John Dumelo replies

And I wasn't the only one who didn't understand what was going on in the picture. Many people couldn't work out why an actor of John Dumelo's calibre could donate only 6 sets to the school.

These ladies couldn't believe Dumelo would go all the way to donate just six sets.

Even we can't.

This particular guy couldn't have put it any better.

And this guy!

But it was this user who raised an important point about how no one was smiling in the pictures.

So we sought out some smiles.

This guy is probably thinking "What manner of rubbish is this?

No smiles there.

None here too.

And no smiles from this guy trying to see if this was some loaves and fish Biblical-like moment.

We're hoping there's more to this particular photo. We have reached out to John Dumelo for comments