The former Black Stars defender was arrested and put behind bars on Tuesday evening for assaulting a police officer.

The former Fulham player was invited to the police station to answer questions on a report made by his wife, Richlove Painstil for taking her car without her conscent.

Paintsil got angry and punched a police officer during his interrogation, Greater Accra regional police PRO, DSP Effia Tenge told Hot FM:

“It was last Sunday that John Paintsil’s wife made a report that his husband has stolen her car so in our investigation we invited John for an interrogation.

“So Tuesday evening John Paintsil and his wife came to the police station so in the process of the interrogation Painstil punched the police officer so we have no option than to arrest him and put him behind cells.”

John Paintsil was set to appear in court on Thursday but the strike by JUSSAG means the case has to be postponed.

The player was granted bail on Wednesday night with his lawyers pushing for a settlement outside the court room.