24-hour economy policy beneficial to commercial drivers - Drivers Union hail Mahama

In a move that resonates with the interests of commercial drivers, former Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama's proposed 24-hour economy policy has garnered praise from the Drivers Union.

24 hour economy policy beneficial to commercial drivers

The initiative, aimed at fostering economic activity round the clock, is perceived as a promising development that could significantly benefit those in the transport sector.

The Drivers Union, representing the collective voice of commercial drivers across the nation, expressed its support for Mahama's vision of a 24-hour economy. The policy, if implemented, is expected to create an environment where economic activities, including transportation services, can thrive beyond traditional business hours.

One of the primary advantages highlighted by the Drivers Union is the potential for extended working hours. With the adoption of a 24-hour economy, commercial drivers could tap into increased opportunities for transporting goods and passengers during non-traditional hours, commercial drivers stand to benefit from streamlined operations, and reduced congestion during peak hours, leading to a potential boost in income.

A 24-hour economy is envisioned to inject vibrancy into various sectors, including transportation. The continuous flow of economic activities is likely to result in a more dynamic marketplace, providing drivers with a steady stream of potential customers throughout the day and night.


The Drivers Union recognizes the potential for job creation within the transport sector as a consequence of a 24-hour economy, this could lead to increased demand for drivers and related services during extended hours, creating opportunities for income diversification for those in the profession.


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