With the spirit and love for quality education, The Educator's Network(TEN) dedicated to promoting progressive, researched based teaching methods to advance teaching and learning in Ghana organised a conference that welcomed hundreds of people from Accra and beyond.

The conference was held on Saturday 25 November at the Lincoln Community School in Accra.

Addressing participants at the conference, keynote speaker and principal of SOS-Herman Gmeiner International College Israel Titi Ofei raised concerns about the need for stakeholders to put priority on the quality of teachers churned out to handle students.

He explained that a good curriculum is as important as the teaching staff.

"You’ve visited a school and established that you like the headteacher. They have a clear vision for their pupils, and the place has an orderly and friendly culture. Now it is time to consider taking your ward there? The quality of teachers should be the premium concern".

People will definitely talk about putting up good structures, better feeding of students amongst other but the element of good education will be missing if teachers are not of good quality,he added.

Participants also expressed gladness for being a part of such a powerful conference.

The vast majority of these participants were public and private schools teachers from basic schools, ranging from pre-school to JHS levels.

This year's program themed "Understanding; Knowledge in Action" marks TEN's 9th Teaching and learning conference in Accra.

Akan proverb "Wo nsa Ekyi" which means "The back of your hand" was the inspiration for the theme of this year's conference.

GTP donated fabric for all volunteers which represented the theme of the event as well as Kasapreko donating some bottles of water.

Visual notes taking, a route to creative writing,the art of expression,developing creative mathematical thinkers, French workshop etc.

The Educators' Network, with the invaluable support of Lincoln Community School, provided a strong professional forum for the exchange of knowledge and teaching methodologies; organized by teachers for teachers. TEN has presented a total of 9 such conferences over 6 years.