The health of residents in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region who consume meat from abattoirs are in danger as a result of the unhygienic conditions.

The abattoir which was adjudged the best in the country in 2013 poses health concern to consumers due to unhygienic and sub-standard conditions.

A Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, Dr Hannah Bissiw who paid a working visit to the abattoir early Monday to ascertain the process and systems that animals go through before they are sent to the various markets for sale and consumption.

She, however, described the process leading to the slaughtering of animals as "disgusting" and "not healthy for human consumption".

At a meeting with management,  Hannah Bisiw said "What I saw very skinny, sick and wasted animal coming for slaughter."

"I see animals being dragged for long distances on the floor before they would be slaughtered….. while people dealing with the animals were also not in the prescribed outfit," she added.

She told the Veterinary Officers and management at the abattoir that from professional point of view, most of the animals should fail before they reach the veterinary officers table adding that both the officers and the owners of the abattoir "should not take money and endanger the lives of Ghanaians."