Bring the dollar to GH¢10 — Traders threaten to demonstrate against gov't

In response to ongoing economic challenges, traders across Ghana are set to embark on a nationwide demonstration to protest the unfavorable exchange rates that have significantly impacted their businesses.

Traders in Ghana

The demonstration, organized by the Ghana Federation of Traders, aims to draw the government's attention to the adverse effects of the volatile cedi-dollar exchange rate on the trading community.

The traders argued that addressing the exchange rate is crucial for the survival and growth of small and medium-sized businesses, which are currently struggling with high operational costs due to fluctuating currency values.

The high exchange rate, they say, has made imports more expensive, pushing many businesses to the brink of closure and causing job losses.

In a statement, the traders federation said the exchange rate instability does not only affect traders but also has wider implications for the Ghanaian economy.


Higher import costs translate into higher prices for consumers, contributing to inflationary pressures.

This situation is particularly challenging for a country that relies heavily on imports for essential goods, including food, clothing, and electronics.

The Ghanaian cedi has experienced significant depreciation in recent years, causing widespread economic instability.

As of early 2024, the exchange rate hovers around GH¢12 to GH¢13 per US dollar, a sharp decline from the more stable rates of previous years.

This depreciation has had a profound impact on the cost of living, the price of goods, and the overall economic well-being of Ghanaians.


Historically, the cedi's value has been declining. In 2008, it was GH¢1.057 to the dollar, rising to GH¢1.972 in 2012, and GH¢3.945 in 2016.

Under the current NPP-led government, the cedi against the dollar has soared to GH¢15.17, causing distress among business owners and consumers.


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