Ghanaians react as Dumelo wants Independence Day in Volta to be cancelled to save ‘millions’

John Dumelo is calling on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to cancel the Independence Day celebration at the national, regional and district levels to save the country “millions of Ghana Cedis”.

John Dumelo

Instead, he suggests that the President simply gives a national address from the national capital Accra to the nation to mark the event.

The veteran actor who doubles as a politician and a farmer, argues that Ghana is in a serious economic crisis and there is a need to be frugal in every exercise that depends on the national coffers.

“Respectfully we are in hard times, can you please cancel all state, regional and district Independence Day celebrations? You can do your usual “fellow Ghanaians” broadcast on tv. This will save us millions of cedis. Thanks so much,” Dumelo wrote on his Twitter page on Wednesday, February 1, 2023.

His suggestion has sparked mixed reactions among his followers, with some agreeing with him while others say it is too late because preparations for the event are already underway and a lot of money has already been spent.


The annual Independence Day event scheduled for March 6 will be held in Ho, the capital of the Volta Region whose turn it is to host it after it has been rotated among the various regions of the country. It aims to remind Ghanaians of the sacrifices made by the country’s forefathers to gain freedom from colonial masters many decades ago.

Below are just a few of Twitter users’ reactions to John Dumelo’s suggestion:

@Elviyorm: A lot has been spent already. If you come to Ho and see what is going on, you'll be very angry. Lump sum of money is being pumped into e construction of a youth resource Centre in some isolated place just for the Independence Day celebration whilst the Jubilee Park is there. Meanwhile that money could have been used to upgrade the Ho Sport Stadium into a befitting one. Again, for some days now, all hotels in town are full to capacity cos they've been occupied by the police, military and other security service workers.My worry is, who is going to pay for all these expenditures? The Youth Resource Centre will also be left to rot after the Independence Day celebration. Why are we not thinking before spending recklessly in this country? Or has the IMF money arrived already?


@I_AM-Winter: I totally agree, the funds can be directed towards health sector and paying workers

@Sir_Kwofae: You have a point. But don't also forget that it creates a lot of employment. Don't base your argument on the money that the government uses to organize the program. But you have to also think about the Pure water seller and Fanice Yogourt seller among others.

@adenyagh: And this is the first time an Ewe Symbol has been used in the independence day logo. May seem little but very significant. Something I have been campaigning for years for.

@kofi_wins: You don't wait till now, all preparations started months ago everything is in place already maybe next year we can rethink it

@DeucesA: Independence Day is to stir up the spirit of “the Ghanaian pride” and to celebrate our democracy. It has societal relevance that is quite needed in this time of frustration. Despite that the budget should be accordingly or different approach to save money.


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