Financial analyst, Sidney Casely-Hayford has said that he sees no reason why President Mahama should take a hard stance on the condition of service demands by doctors.

But President Mahama addressing members of the Ghana Registered Midwives Association at the launch of their 80th anniversary in Accra stated that, “any agreements that are reached in respect of allowances or conditions of services would have to be appropriately captured in the budget.And I want to say with emphasis, I will not authorize any expenditure on wages and compensation not provided for in the budget."

Speaking on Citi FM’s on Saturday, Mr. Casely Hayford wondered why the president chose a platform in a foreign territory to respond to the demands of the striking doctors. According to him, the comments should have been made at the negotiation table than in the public domain.

"I listened to what the president said. Not once did he mentioned that 'we haven't paid these people for eleven months'. And why is he taking my business to a foreign territory to go and air grievances that he habours which he has not necessarily put on the table for negotiation? What is wrong with that is he only told half of the story. The other half which is the fact that they haven't paid these people for so long was not said," he noted.

Adding: “government has failed in its responsibility. It has outlived its sincerity.”