Putting ice cube on your neck makes you grow younger

This very special technique is called "Feng Fu». The method comes from acupuncture and takes its name from exactly this point between the head and neck, the "Feng Fu" -point.

Did you know that you can feel better and younger thanks to an ordinary ice cube?With "Feng Fu" this miracle is possible.

There are those days when you feeling just exhausted and your body makes itself limp for the smallest activities. To change this, you have to go there and pick up an ice cube from the freezer just in your kitchen.

Remove all jewelry so that your neck is completely free. Lie down on your stomach and hold the ice 20 minutes of your neck (see picture).

First, it is cool to your body, but after about 30 seconds you will then feel the warmth. You feel then happy, healthy and full of energy. It is recommended that before breakfast and at night before you go to bed hang up the ice.


Make two or three days pause before you repeat it.

In the first day you feel through the release of endorphins, a feeling of happiness. But the Feng Fu tactic has a few more benefits for you.

What causes it?

  • Your sleep quality improves
  • Improve your digestive system
  • Reduces your headache, toothache
  • Alleviating colds
  • Your mood improves

How can it help?

  • Menstrual pain
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Thyroid problems
  • PMS
  • Liberation of airway complications


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