Funeral dancers in Ghana is not totally new although this particular kind of dancers has risen these last few years. Dancing pallbearers are not only sending our relatives off in great style, it has also become a source of employment.   

Death in the Ghanaian culture does not signal the end of life but the beginning of another life in the ancestral world. That is where some people may decide to give their dead relatives a dancing trip to their next journey and dancing pallbearers are the best there is.

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A lot of money is spent in organizing funerals in Ghana. Most funerals take place over a span of 3 days. That is from Friday throughout the weekend.  Customs and rites need to be honored. The appropriate attire needs to be worn, which is usually red for the affected family and black for sympathizers.


The best funeral dancers in Ghana

In Ghana, the saying the few the merrier does not apply to funerals. A small funeral crowd symbolizes that the deceased was not loved in his community, whereas a large crowd is gladly welcomed. In Ghana, you do not necessarily know the person before you attend his/her funeral.

Thus most funerals cost a lot of money to organize and run though the duration. Most families rely on donations to cover the cost but sadly most of these supporters are in to drink, dance and make merry. Despite all the gloom, there’s always a silver lining on a dark cloud.

Funerals may also have some economic benefit if we take a closer look at all the tinny details.  From graphic designers to design the posters and brochures to the printing press for a large number of copies. Including carpenters, drivers, gravediggers and tillers. Not forgetting the caterers, seamstress, textile sellers, water sellers, decoration and rentals.

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The latest addition is the services of dancing pallbearers.  Although funeral dancers have been there for centuries, none would compare with the antics displayed by these new dancers. Performing various songs and dancers at the same time as balancing the heavy laden coffin on their shoulders. Guest are mesmerized and sent home with lasting memories on their minds. Amidst all the displays, these young lads and ladies are sharply dressed and well-coordinated.

The leader of one of the groups, Benjamin Aidoo, says they have different packages available for their clients. He also made mention that the addition of choreography was to add a bit of display for those who would rather not go for a solemn ceremony. If you chose to go for a solemn ceremony, you may want to consider hiring funeral criers instead.