Ghanaian herbalist Dr Wiafe Akenteng reportedly cures over 3,000 kidney disease patients

Dr Wiafe Akenteng, a Ghanaian herbalist, has stirred both hope and controversy by claiming to have successfully treated over 3000 kidney disease patients since 2012 using purely natural medicines.

Ghanaian herbalist Dr Wiafe Akenteng claims he's cured over 3,000 kidney disease patients

His assertions challenge conventional medical wisdom surrounding the management of chronic kidney diseases, which are typically considered incurable and managed through pharmaceutical interventions and dialysis.

Kidney disease affects millions globally, with approximately 850 million people living with the condition, particularly in low-income and lower-middle-income countries where access to conventional treatment is limited due to financial constraints. While modern medicine acknowledges no cure for chronic kidney disease, Dr. Akenteng's purported success suggests otherwise.

Dr. Akenteng, the founder of the Natural Way Herbal Clinic, traces his motivation to his personal experiences witnessing the devastating impact of kidney disease on his loved ones. Recognising the limitations of conventional medical approaches, he embarked on extensive research to develop natural remedies tailored to address the root causes of kidney ailments.

According to him, his methods have yielded remarkable results, with patients experiencing complete recovery in durations as short as 2 to 20 days, a feat conventional treatments seldom achieve over a patient's lifetime. He added that his clientele includes individuals from diverse backgrounds, including foreigners.

In an interview with ModernGhana News, Dr Akenteng criticised the medical terminology used to categorise diseases as "chronic," suggesting it serves commercial interests by perpetuating the sale of chemical drugs. He asserts that diseases like Hepatitis B can be effectively cured through research-backed natural remedies.

Despite the alleged testimonials from beneficiaries, scepticism persists, fueled by warnings from conventional medical practitioners against alternative treatments. Dr. Akenteng remains undeterred, emphasising the efficacy of extensively researched natural herbs in treating chronic ailments.

Moreover, Dr. Akenteng has called for government intervention to expand access to affordable healthcare, particularly for life-threatening conditions like tuberculosis and kidney disease. He advocates for the inclusion of remedies for life-threatening under the National Health Insurance Scheme to alleviate the financial burden on patients.

The accolades reportedly bestowed upon Dr. Akenteng underscore his growing recognition within the medical community. In 2021, he reportedly received an honorary Doctor of Medicine degree from George Fox University in the United States, in recognition of his contributions to holistic healthcare.

“The Rectitude International Mission (RIM) and World Diplomatic Federation (WODIF), a reputable award governing body, recommended the modern-day herbal practitioner to the university’s governing Council.

“For this honour, Dr Wiafe Akenteng received a citation signed by Professor Tyler Cuddeford, PT, PhD, Associate Dean, George Fox University, College of Physical Therapy and was bestowed with an honorary degree of Doctor of Medicine,” reports.

While Dr. Akenteng's claims continue to spark debate, his work highlights the potential of alternative therapies to complement traditional medical practices, offering hope to patients worldwide battling chronic diseases.


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