Ghanaian workers least productive in their own country - Prof. Adei

Renowned Ghanaian figure Professor Emeritus Stephen Adei has sparked a debate on worker productivity in Ghana, highlighting concerns about the efficiency of Ghanaian workers compared to their global counterparts.


Speaking on GH One Television, Prof. Adei voiced his observations, suggesting that Ghanaian workers may exhibit lower productivity levels when working within the country. Drawing from his research, he emphasized that even with similar pay and working conditions, Ghanaian workers tend to lag behind their African counterparts in terms of productivity.

"The Ghanaian worker is one of the least productive workers when they are in Ghana," he said

Expressing astonishment at the results, Prof. Adei noted that workers from neighboring countries, such as Togo, often demonstrate higher levels of productivity when working in Ghana, a fact that raised eyebrows.

He attributed this disparity to what he termed the "aban dwuma" mentality, a concept he believes stems from the colonial legacy in Ghana. This mentality, according to him, fosters a culture of complacency, particularly within the civil service.


Moreover, Prof. Adei argued that low productivity is not confined to the public sector alone. He pointed out that even in the private sector, employers frequently encounter challenges, with some employees exhibiting disruptive behavior or engaging in dishonest practices.

"I think one of the worst legacies of colonialism in Ghana, in particular, is the 'aban dwuma' (government work) mentality," Prof. Adei remarked, underscoring the pervasive nature of this mindset.

As a result of these concerns, Prof. Adei highlighted that some private companies are now opting to hire foreigners for strategic positions, reflecting a shift in the labor market dynamics in Ghana.

Prof. Adei's remarks have reignited discussions about worker productivity in Ghana, prompting reflections on how to address underlying issues and foster a more efficient workforce in the country.


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