The Minister of Regional Reorganisaiton and Development Minister, Dan Botwe, has expressed disgust at the violence that erupted at Salaga over the naming of Damongo as the regional capital of the Savannah Region yesterday.

He said the NPP-led government is surprised at the events that unfolded yesterday and it will be thoroughly investigated.

“It is therefore surprising that we witnessed yesterday [Tuesday] after such a beautiful programme the act of lawlessness in Salaga.

“We condemn this…we are told that about seven people have been arrested and it’s our firm belief that the law will deal with such people,” he added.

Violence erupts over naming of Damongo as capital for Savannah region

Some youth took to the streets to register their displeasure with the government for not choosing Salaga as the regional capital.

They are also reported to have torn down signboards of party functionaries in protest of the decision to name Damongo as the regional capital.

According to them, Salaga was placed place and more deserving of the honour.