Govt to settle coupon arrears of bondholders on June 30

The government has promised to settle coupon arrears of the Individual Bondholders on Friday, June 30.

Some persons (pensioners) who want to be exempted from the domestic debt exchange programme.

The individual bondholders have over some months protested, calling on the government to settle arrears owed them

In a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), between the Ministry of Finance, the Individual Bondholders Forum (IBF), and the Individual Bondholders Association of Ghana (IBHAG) signed on May 16, the promise read.

“Accordingly, to address this issue, the parties under the outcome of the engagements referred to in recital (A) above record, the understanding reached by them as follows:

1. The Government will complete payment of coupons in arrears, as of 31 May 2023, by 30 June 2023.

2. The Government undertakes to pay promptly all coupons that fall due from 1st June 2023,

3. Reprofile maturing bonds as and when they fall due into T-Bills at prevailing interest rates

4. Distribute the outstanding maturing bonds in the proportion of 35% for 91-Day, 35% for 182-day, and 30% for 364-Day treasury bills.

5. The migration of the outstanding maturing bonds into Treasury Bills will be issued using the current mode of issuance mechanics of the Government securities. For the avoidance of doubt, there will be no distinction between the reprofiled Treasury Bills, and the regular Treasury Bills issued by the Government.

6. That Government and the CIBG work together in the spirit of mutual understanding to resolve all outstanding issues to meet the immediate cash needs of individuals who did not partake in the DDE program; give certainty of payments, and efforts toward the restoration of macroeconomic stability and economic recovery.

7. The Ministry of Finance will issue an offering memorandum with these terms to all individual bondholders who opted out of the DDEP”.


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