“We [pathologists] are limited in number in this country. I will therefore encourage the young doctors who are coming up to specialize in pathology because that is what is helping the developed countries to hastily discover and treat various ailments and we think they are better than us”, he said.


“We are less than 15 in the whole country and we work in outpatient and freestanding laboratories to diagnose ailments for doctors in the consulting rooms to prescribe appropriate medication”, he revealed.

He also stressed that the performance of autopsies is the least of job specifications of a pathologist. Autopsies do not only determine the deceased’s cause of death but also help to discover more information about the genetic progression of a disease as well preventive measures closely related family can take.


According to him, the fact that they were working behind the scenes does not indicate they are irrelevant  in healthcare delivery in the country. He stated that, doctors would not be able to provide adequate prescription to various ailments if it were not for the help from pathologist.

He has therefore called on the public to stop denigrating the reputation of pathologists.