Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya among African countries with the fastest internet connection speeds

The internet is vital to the modern world, enabling everything online.

Internet connection

The digital landscape across Africa has undergone a significant transformation, with several countries making remarkable strides in improving internet connectivity.

Among these countries, Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya have emerged as leaders, boasting some of the fastest internet connection speeds on the continent, Datareportal measures the global internet speed, and it looks at the internet speed in some countries in it’s 2024 overview report.

Morocco comes first in Africa with 36.53 MBPS download speed.

The country that leads the pack worldwide is the United Arab Emirates with 324.92 MBPS.


Ghana has positioned itself as a hub for technological advancements, and its commitment to enhancing internet infrastructure is evident in its impressive internet speeds.

Ghana has fostered an environment conducive to high-speed internet connectivity.

This not only benefits urban centers but also contributes to bridging the digital divide in more remote areas.


Nigeria has witnessed a digital revolution in recent years.

The country's tech sector has experienced remarkable growth, fueled by a young and vibrant population with a growing appetite for digital services.

Nigeria's commitment to embracing digital innovation is propelling it forward as a key player in the African tech ecosystem.

Nigeria median country speeds is 28.60 MBPS download speed.


Kenya's strategic investments in undersea fiber optic cables, coupled with a proactive approach to digital inclusion, have resulted in impressive internet speeds.

Nairobi, Kenya's capital, stands out as a bustling tech hub, attracting innovators and entrepreneurs from across the continent.

Rural areas still face connectivity gaps, and efforts to bridge these disparities must remain a priority.


The median download speed of cellular mobile internet connections in Kenya stood at 24.46 download speed.

As Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya lead the charge in fostering faster internet connectivity, there is a sense of optimism for the entire continent.

With the right investments, policies, and collaborations, the dream of a fully connected Africa is within reach.

Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya's position at the forefront of high-speed internet connectivity signifies a broader movement across the continent.


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