Rumour has it that the bill for picking up your trash at Villaggio is one thousand Ghana cedis a month. Yes, GHS 1000!

This report, however, is not going to deal with rumours. These are facts and facts only from inquiries made.

Living in a plush apartment that is almost opposite one of Ghana’s biggest shopping malls and a few kilometres from the airport was surely going to cost.

But for a country whose minimum wage revolves around GHC 300 (approximately USD 68) for a month's work, how much money for rent could be just too much?

Villaggio offers options when it comes to living in a top class residential area. The apartments’ management provides strong security, comfort coupled with luxury that only money can buy, literally.

Villaggio Vista in Accra, Ghana
Villaggio Vista in Accra, Ghana

For those of you whose first instinct is to log on to tonaton or OLX and type ‘Single Room Self Contained’ when it comes to renting an apartment, you are not Villaggio’s target market. Take your ‘Single Room’ search elsewhere.

The apartment offers at the plush residential area starts with a two-bedroom apartment moving on to three-bedroom and a four-bedroom apartment.

Offers with these room numbers do not end there, the price you pay to occupy these rooms also vary based on furnishing.

Now, the real deal.

Villaggio follows Ghana’s rent control regulations and takes advance payments for six months (unless you want to pay more).

A two-bedroom apartment (which was fully booked at the time of inquiry anyway) costs USD 3,500 a month. That’s somewhere in the region of GHC 18, 040 for a 30-day stay.

For a three-bedroom apartment, one would have to pay USD 4000 for a month which reflects approximately GHC 20,617.

The family kind of offer which is the four-bedroom apartment costs USD 5000 a month, a tune of approximately GHC 25,772.

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Scaling up for the six-moth minimum rent duration, a two-bedroom, three-bedroom and a four-bedroom will take USD 21,000, USD 24,000 and USD 30,000 from one’s cash remains. That’s GHC 108,242, GHC 123,705 and GHC 154,632 respectively in estimated Ghana Cedis.


The above mentioned figures are for unfurnished apartments at Villaggio. For a fully furnished apartment, one would have to add an extra USD 500 approximating in the region of GHC 2,577 a month which scales up to an extra USD 3000 (GHC 15,463) for the six months of minimum rent.

For the bold and very beautiful in the pocket (of course), there are deals for outright buys too.

According to information from, a Ghanaian property listing website, buying a three-bedroom apartment at Villaggio prices with a range of USD 485, 000 (GHC 2,499,884) to USD 850, 000 (GHC 4,381,240).

A two-bedroom could go as high USD 550,000 (GHC 2,834,920) with a four-bedroom pricing in the range of USD 1,100,000 (GHC 5,669,840).

**All cedi values are estimated.

**Findings on these pricing were made in August 2017.