It was a heart-stopping moment when, the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Catherine Afeku and her entourage were held hostage by an elephant at the Mole National Park in the Northern Region on Saturday.

According to reports, the animal went berserk after it got attracted by siren from the police motorcade which was leading the Minister and her delegation.

A video recording of the incident showed the delegation held up temporarily for over 30 minutes.

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The unexpected incident happened just about a seven-minute drive into the park.

The ministerial convoy could not move as the elephant moved around the vehicles causing fear among members of delegation including journalists.

TV3 reports that the timely intervention by a tour guide who was apparently on his rounds in the park brought some relief to the fear-stricken entourage.

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It took about an extra 15 minutes to bring the elephant under control for the convoy to eventually continue to its destination.

Stray elephant attacks Tourism Minister and entourage