Ex-HIV/AIDS Ambassador

She said she is having difficulty in putting her kids through school because of she is broke and her HIV/AIDS status.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah caused outrage when she admitted that she doesn't have the HIV virus a few years back. This admission infuriated people because she has been an ambassador for HIV/AIDS in Ghana for over five years.

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She disclosed that she has no means to raise money to support the education of her three children as a single mother.

“I am currently not living with my children because I don’t have a place to stay. I am in deep crisis. My medications are also very expensive and I can’t afford it", she said.

“I invested all my money into a barbering shop and a small food joint but people started complaining the food is infected with virus and so people shouldn’t buy from the joint. Everything has collapsed and I lost all my money,” she disclosed.

She said she made that status u-turn because of her kids. “It looks like because I have done campaigns and my face is everywhere, it is difficult for people to even work with me. So right with my situation as a single mother with three children and no job, I am pleading with the general public to support me with money to start something to take care of my children,” she pleaded.

However, in 2016, she made a another U-turn to say she, indeed, tested positive for the virus. She had to lie about her status to protect her children from stigmatisation.