Doctors at Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) have declared a strike action effective Monday May 23 concerning the payment of their fuel allowance.

A memo authored by the doctors say management of TTH have failed to fulfil assurances made to them when they decided to embark on a similar exercise on April 20.

The doctors have also threatened to withdrawal all their services including the in-patients if the following conditions are not met before May 28:

  • All doctors on the supplementary list of the arrears of the fuel allowances should be paid including Residents abroad.
  • The amount of money due should be credited to their various accounts and be tangible.
  • Two representatives of our delegation should be called for the allocation of the 20% of NHIS payments to TTH that will be used to pay the rest of the arrears of fuel allowance due to doctors.

But in a sharp rebuttal, management of the hospital have denied the claims of the doctors.

Public Relations Officer of the hospital Mohammed Misbawu told Starr Fm that payment was made to the bank's account at HFC bank on Friday May 20.

According to him, doctors who hold accounts with HFC were expected to be credited by close of work Friday.

For doctors with accounts at other banks, he said the cheque was going through clearing system and would hit their account within 72 hours.

"By the close of work on Friday we had sent these monies to our account Holding Bank, HFC, Tamale Branch for them to credit the various accounts of those who qualify for that particular allowance," Misbawu said on Starr FM.

"Those who hold accounts with HFC, their accounts were expected to have been credited by the close of work on Friday but those who have accounts with some other Banks, because they have to go through the cheque clearing system, it is expected that their monies should hit their accounts in 72 hours," he added.