The revered man of God said the churches can be allowed to congregate in small groups of about 10 people to pray for the nation.

He said while government has looked at the bigger picture of disallowing all social gatherings particularly religious activities, it may only be prudent to give way for aggressive and violent prayer intercession to arrest the virus.

In an exclusive interview on Metro TV, Duncan Williams there is something rather special about the gathering of two or more people in prayer; which can eventually cause some major changes in Ghana’s coronavirus numbers.

Arch Bishop Duncan-Williams quoted Hebrews 10:25 to buttress his point, he read, “‘do not exempt yourself or do not stay away from the assembling of yourselves together . . . especially as you see the day of the Lord approaching’ . . . there’s something about the gathering of believers and I’m not talking about thousands . . . no, I’m saying that we should look at this very carefully because they’re so many activities going on all over the place…”

‘No Gov’t official will die of Coronavirus’ – Duncan Williams offers powerful prayer
‘No Gov’t official will die of Coronavirus’ – Duncan Williams offers powerful prayer

He continued, “ . . . and believers should be allowed in every community across the nations of the world and in Ghana here, to meet two, three times a day to pray and I’m saying small groups here like five here, ten here, fifteen here, twenty here all over the country…”

However, he was quick to add that such gatherings would not follow the usual church routines and in fact, not even collections or tithes will be taken at prayer meetings.

“No, no, no, to pray and arrest the situation…,” was his answer to the idea of any monetary obligations being fulfilled by members of such gatherings.