Mahama pledges to boost Cocoa sector with processing factories in growing areas

Former Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama has unveiled a promising plan to bolster the country's cocoa sector by establishing processing factories in key cocoa-growing regions.

John Mahama

The announcement underscores Mahama's commitment to enhancing the cocoa value chain, a vital sector that plays a pivotal role in Ghana's economy.

In a recent statement, Mahama outlined his vision to strategically position processing factories within cocoa-producing areas, aiming to bring added value to the industry and its stakeholders. The move is not only geared towards increasing the income of cocoa farmers but also towards creating employment opportunities and fostering economic development in these regions.

The initiative aligns with Mahama's broader agenda to transform and diversify the agricultural landscape, with a specific focus on the cocoa sector, which has long been the backbone of Ghana's economy by establishing processing facilities closer to the source of cocoa cultivation, the former president envisions a more streamlined and efficient cocoa value chain.

"We want to build factories in cocoa growing areas. The white man can earn more than five times our earnings after processing the cocoa"


Mahama emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to maximize the economic benefits derived from cocoa production while cocoa farming has traditionally been a significant contributor to Ghana's export revenue, Mahama envisions a future where the country not only produces high-quality cocoa but also processes it locally to create finished products for both domestic consumption and export.

The move towards establishing processing factories in cocoa-growing areas is expected to address challenges faced by farmers, including post-harvest losses and dependence on the export of raw cocoa beans by investing in local processing, Mahama aims to stimulate economic growth in these regions, empowering farmers and communities.

Additionally, the initiative aligns with global trends emphasizing sustainability and ethical sourcing in the cocoa industry.

"From the days of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Produce Buying Company has been working. In my time as President, the company did well. They were making profit. Now, workers have not been paid for six months. It should tell you that the company has collapsed. Others are buying the cocoa beans as I speak but PBC isn't able to buy"

As part of his comprehensive agricultural agenda, the former president seeks to harness the full potential of the cocoa industry, ensuring that its benefits are felt at every level of the value chain.


As the plan to build processing factories in cocoa-growing areas takes shape, it reflects Mahama's strategic vision for Ghana's economic development and his dedication to transforming key sectors for the betterment of the nation.


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