He has expressed regret at the way investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure treated him.

According to Mr. Adjei, he took Azure like a son and funded some of his works.

It, therefore, came as a surprise to him when the former Joy FM reporter led the investigation that culminated in his dismissal.

Speaking on Accra based NET 2 TV, he said the investigation was funded by his detractors.

“Manasseh approached me with some humility. He was like a young man who showed signs that he wanted to learn something. I had an interest in him and anything he wanted to do involving procurement and so I said I would be ready to volunteer free knowledge because we all want the good for the country.”

“So I supported Manasseh in his work, I met him several times at Oak Plaza and I regarded him as my son. I assisted him with any information he needed about procurement. He was probably the only journalist in Ghana who had unfettered access to me.

“I pray that one day, he will be touched by the almighty God and play the full interview he had with me to the whole world regarding these issues.”

I’d have voted for a sheep rather than Mahama in 2016 – Manasseh Azure
I’d have voted for a sheep rather than Mahama in 2016 – Manasseh Azure

He continued “ I asked him Manasseh what was actually going on? I asked him again whether he was really the Mannessh I knew, whether he was the Manasseh I could invite? But he told me and I quote him, ‘Sir this is beyond my control’. It was after that comment that I knew this was an agenda against me,” he lamented.

Mr. Adjei was fired after a conflict of interest investigations were done by the Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ).

A release issued by Eugene Arhin, the Director of Communications at the Presidency, announcement the termination of his appointment said on: “Having satisfied himself of the fact that the recommendation made by CHRAJ is properly motivated and well-founded, the President has expressed his appreciation and gratitude to Mr Joseph Whittal and CHRAJ for the thorough and methodical manner in which the matter has been addressed.”