Martin Amidu deserves to be prosecuted for corruption - Former Minister

Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed, a former Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry in the erstwhile NDC administration, has said the Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu needs to be tried for corruption.

Martin Amidu, special prosecutor

He argues that Amidu hasn't done any serious work since he was appointed yet he has been withdrawing salaries which amounts to corruption.

“This man has been chopping this money and I think he is a perfect candidate for prosecution”, he said.

Mohammed, who is also the former Member of Parliament for Nanton, said Amidu has been causing financial loss to the state for his lack of work.

“That man frankly speaking does not have credibility. He told someone I always attack him. When I listen to the NPP and their surrogates saying oh they have given Martin Amidu money. The budget they gave him is about 150 million Ghana Cedis in 2018 as if in 2017 there wasn’t any budget office of the Special Prosecutor…there was, 2018 there was", Murtala said on a radio station in Tamale.

"They create the impression there has never been a budget line for him in 2017 and 2018. There was a budget line for the Special Prosecutor in 2017 financial statement. There was also a budget line 2018”, he stated.

Under the 2019 budget read by the Finance Minister in November, the Office of the Special Prosecutor was provided GHS 180 million to fight corruption.

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