Bishop Charles Agyinasare said a man beating his wife is not a demonstration of strength but that if weakness.

The renowned pastor said this while preaching to his congregation during the second service on Sunday, 19 January 2020 at the Perez Dome, Dzorwulu.

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Bishop Charles Agyinasare
Bishop Charles Agyinasare

“You’re strong when your wife has insulted you and you look at her and you can put your hands in your pocket and say: ‘Look, you can say whatever you like but I still love you’; that is when you are strong,” Bishop Agyinasare preached.

“A strong man doesn’t beat the wife, so, stop being that cheap man; only cheap men beat their wives. Only cheap men."

He added: “Your wife insulted you, so, you, too, you’re insulting your wife: ‘You are smelling’. A man, you’re insulting your wife that she’s smelling. Shame on you! I said what: ‘Shame on you!’ You don’t tell your wife that; you honour your wife, you respect her.”

He admonished men to respect their wives and show them love even in situations where tempers are high.

According to him, a husband's strength is not measured by how mercilessly he can pummel his wife but in how he can still show love and affection even in the face of marital adversity.