My job, my passion: Maestro Milord teaches his students the art of dancing

In this week's edition of "My Job, My Passion," we take a deep dive into the fascinating world of Maestro Milord, a renowned dancer who graciously shares the profound influence of dance on his life.

Maestro Milord teaches his students the art of dancing

From a tender age of five, Milord Otumfuo, also known as Maestro Milord, embarked on his remarkable journey in the realm of dance. His father, a skilled dancer at the time, played a pivotal role in igniting his passion for the art. Recollecting his early years, this 37-year-old maestro fondly reminisces, "I vividly recall the stories my grandmother shared, narrating how I used to sneak into the midst of everyone when my father was teaching, eagerly trying to dance alongside them." It was during his junior high school days that he founded his first dance group, specializing in the trendy dance style known as "cracking," akin to breakdancing, characterized by expressive body movements and mesmerizing body rolls. Milord proudly looks back and says, "In the neighborhood where I grew up, I gained a reputation as the best." However, a transformative moment arrived when his father returned from a trip to Taiwan with a VCD of Michael Jackson. Milord reflects with a grin, "I began watching, I started learning, and it changed my life."

His journey continued as he delved into the captivating world of Salsa dancing, ultimately becoming his deepest passion. As a professional Salsa show dancer, he graced stages across Europe and South Africa, declaring with pride, "Dancing has taken me on a journey around the world, and I would choose it all over again. It has not only blessed me with a vibrant community but also a tightly-knit family."

Beyond being an extraordinary dancer, Milord Otumfuo is also a gifted choreographer, the owner of a dance company, and a dedicated teacher. When asked about his preferences, he wholeheartedly confesses, "If I had to choose, I love teaching the most. It's something I've grown up with, a passion for exploration, and an ardent desire to give back. Teaching, especially to children, is a profound experience. When you teach kids, you find yourself learning just as much as you impart." Presently, Maestro Milord, alongside his dance partner Elsie, teaches Afro Dance and Drip Classes at California Fitness in Accra.


In addition to his unwavering commitment to dance, Maestro Milord adheres to a rigorous training routine to maintain peak physical condition. "For a dancer, fitness is of paramount importance. Strong legs are indispensable, and, of course, looking good doesn't hurt either," he shares with an infectious smile. His passion and dedication are unmistakable. In his parting words, he humbly states, "I didn't choose dancing; it's more like dancing chose me."

Maestro Milord's journey illustrates how his love for dance has not only shaped his remarkable career but also cultivated a tight-knit community and family. It serves as a reminder that sometimes, our passions find us, not the other way around.

By: Rahel Osterwalder


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