Popular activist of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Frank Kwaku Appiah otherwise known as Appiah Stadium has revealed that he is a wizard and has dealt with his political enemies heartlessly in the spiritual realm.

He said that what he usually does is to inflict diseases on such people to make them pay for their deeds.

“I’m saying it publicly, I’m a wizard and I possess several spiritual powers. I’m a hard nut to crack, if I were not, my political enemies would have finished me. Whoever has caused me pain in my life has been inflicted with madness, epilepsy, impotence, blindness and many other diseases. If people were aware of the powerful spirits residing in me, no one would have ever thought or tried harassing or harming me.”

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Parts of the home of the serial caller was burnt recently in the Ashanti Region.

He believed that “The NPP’s Invincible Forces did that.”

But, members of the Invincible Forces denied setting the house ablaze.