Residents of

In the last one week, many persons have reportedly been robbed of varying sums of money and other valuable items including mobile phones, jewellery and laptops.

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Residents say the fraudsters have adopted a new modus operandi, which they use in duping unsuspecting victims.

“I was returning from a friend’s birthday party in the evening on Friday when I saw this young man in his 20s who requested to share the word of God with me,” a 26-year-old female victim narrated her ordeal in an interview with Connect FM.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, she said a fraudster asked her to buy him water but she returned only to find out that he had made away with her valuables.“He later asked me to buy water for him and on my return, he had vanished with my phone and all the money in a purse I left in my bag with him,” she added.

The fraudsters reportedly pose as smartly dressed preachers with the Holy Bible in their hands and approach unsuspecting victims.

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The tricksters then find ways to persuade the victims to leave their belongings with them, after which they would elope.