These are the 10 childhood games in Ghana we can't forget

Read on to find out 10 games which stood out during my childhood in Ghana. And why I can't forget them.

Technology is great but I wouldn’t mind going back to these games any day. Read on to find out 10 games which stood out during my childhood in Ghana.


Ghana cricket is how I fondly remember this childhood game we can’t forget. With pieces of sticks and an empty milk tin, the game begins. And it’s up to the defender to prevent the ‘ball’ from entering the goal post (which is usually an old car type or an empty bin).

Maame ne paapa

This is the Ghanaian version of playing with Barbie and Ken dolls. And the only time, I could convince my brother to play with my dolls. There were no rules, all you have to do was just mimic how our parents cared for us daily. So we are our parents and the dolls are us.


Similar to hide and seek, only this time around you are seeking for a piece of stick. The one who finds the shortest piece is out of the game.

Practical numbers

This game was so fun and exhilarating at the same time. This childhood game in Ghana that we can’t forget was usually played during break time. More like a different kind of ‘mental’ than a game. Either you mention a prime number as faster as you can when it’s your turn or you are out of the game.


You never know how deadly something can be until you reinvent it. A spinning top was fashioned out of pen top and old Tiger head batteries. Make sure when it stops spin on your turn it stands flat else the back of your hand would pay the price.


Ampe was my front even though I can’t say the say for today. The extra pounds might get me handpicked last this time around. This is definitely one of the childhood games we can’t forget.

Counters ball

This intriguing game of football played with bottle tops and deodorant balls is a childhood game I won’t forget. Probably because I was the chief supplier of bottle tops in the neighbourhood. I still remember my days as the reigning hood queen.


This childhood game we can’t forget was absolutely ridiculous. I never understood why sticking an empty pen with a broomstick into a heap of sand was any fun. Could someone please explain to me?


Have you ever been knocked so hard you thought your brains will leak out of your ears? That’s how I felt the first and last time I played this childhood game I will never forget with my big brother. Forgetting to say the magic word, “Zanzama” had me nursing the longest headache in history.

Kyin dan ho (go around the house)

As a foodie, this was one of my worst childhood games in Ghana I can’t forget. A perimeter is set, which is usually around the house, and you need to protect your food at all cost. Because you see, the game says anytime you are caught with food by another player, you are supposed to complete a trip around the build whilst the other person tries to finish your food before you are done. This game was the meanest!


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