The report was published by Transparency International in partnership with Afrobarometer.

According to the report, about 59% of Ghanaians view the Police Service as the “most corrupt” institution in the country.

The findings were presented on Thursday by the Programmes Manager at the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), Mary Awelana Addah.

“In the Ghanaian picture, 59% of the respondents perceived the Ghana Police to be the most corrupt,” she said.

The report said 33% of the respondents believe cases regarding corruption increased in the last one year.

Meanwhile, 30% of the respondents also think the government has not done enough in tackling corruption.

Citizens in 35 African countries – approximately 130 million citizens – were surveyed for this year’s Global Corruption Barometer.

The report presents findings of citizens’ views of corruption as well as experiences of bribery in Africa.

It said more than half of the surveyed citizens in each country hold the view that corruption is getting worse in their country.

It also found that more than one in four people who accessed public services, such as healthcare and education, paid a bribe in the preceding year.

Meanwhile, the most vulnerable people in society are hit the hardest by corruption, the report said.

It further pointed out that the poorest people are twice as likely to pay a bribe as the richest people in Africa for essential public services.

Aside the police, government officials and Members of Parliament were found to be the next most corrupt in Africa, the report added.