Prepare for the future of work with IBM’s free Digital-Nation Africa platform

The Digital World and the adoption of new technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) are driving a massive change in the skills needed by organisations in Africa. 

Prepare for the future of work with IBM’s free Digital-Nation Africa platform

The high skill demand and unemployment signify an opportunity for aligning education and entrepreneurship to respond to the demands of the fourth industrial revolution. Entrepreneurship is increasingly becoming important in creating new skills, employment creation and economic growth.

IBM has created a free learning and innovation platform, IBM Digital – Nation Africa, to give you the skills to support entrepreneurship and bridge the gap between skill shortage and lack of job opportunities. IBM’s free platform gives you the opportunity to develop digital skills that enable you to take advantage of the digital transformation on the continent. 

The IBM Digital - Nation platform is not designed to replace either formal education or the various in-depth learning platforms, it is intended to be an easy to use catalyst for both digital learning and innovation. Through the free, cloud-based online learning platform, the platform provides a range of courses from introduction to Coding, Cloud, AI, IoT, Blockchain, Cybersecurity to highly sought-after advanced skills including Design Thinking, Web Application, Cloud, AI, Blockchain and Data Science application development. Unique to the platform is the Job Advisor tool that helps create the users’ skills profile, and connects them to a broad range of online recruitment sites in Africa. It provides users with a list of currently available jobs in one place and filters them relevant to the users’ skills. 

Let us assist you with the knowledge to overcome the challenges faced by companies in the digital age. Leap into your digital destiny, access new employment opportunities, and secure your future. Take the first step and join the digital future by signing up for IBM’s free digital learning platform today at

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