Pressure group warns gov't over the sale of Saglemi housing project

A pressure group calling itself "Team Saglemi Not for Sale" has warned the government over its decision to sell the over 1,500 housing units to a private developer.

Saglemi Housing Project

The group also chided the Minister for Works and Housing Francis Asenso Boakye over the proposed sale of the Saglemi affordable housing project.

The group's convenor, Nana Otu Darko warned private developers interested to buy the project to stay off.

He said "We are sending a strong signal of warning to any private developer who intends to take over the project. Any private developer who ventures do that, at his or her own peril. We will compel the successive government to cancel the such contract."



The government has decided to wash its hands off the Saglemi housing project to allow a private developer to refurbish the housing units and sell them to potential owners, according to the Ministry of Works and Housing.

The sector Minister, Francis Asenso Boakye revealed this at a meet the press session in Accra on Sunday, November 13, 2022.

According to Francis Asenso-Boakye, the government has already expended approximately US$196 million on the project and does not intend to spend additional tax-payers money towards its completion.

He said the state would thus be leveraging its equity in the form of the land and assets on the project site to ensure the completion of the units by a private developer.

He stated that proceeds from the sale will be reinvested by the state into other affordable housing projects.


He said the government is exhausted and handicapped and can’t make further commitments to the Saglemi project.

On this basis, "we're allowing for a private sector developer to take up the initiative to build and sell the housing units," he said.

The Minister asserted that "a committee will be commissioned to guide the process and ensure transparency in the bidding process."


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