Nurses at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital have declared an indefinite strike over government’s inability to pay their salary arrears.

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A statement by the nurses said government's assurance that it will settle their arrears by the close of last month was a deceptive and strategic step to get us back to work.

Below is the nurses’ full statement:With reference to our letter dated 29th July, 2015 (Notice of strike) addressed to you, the content of which you are respectfully requested to refer.

The Government in reaction to the said letter and the subsequent action taken on its content, the Minister for Employment and Labour Relations (Hon. Haruna Iddrisu) met the entire nursing staff, otherwise known as the aggrieved nurses over unpaid salary arrears, in the presence of the Hospital Authorities, delegation from the Ministry of Health and the Media, where a road map for the settlement of the salary arrears was reached as per the Minister's promise.

On the 5th day of August, 2015, the Minister indicated that the payment of the salary arrears was likely to commence from August 2015, nevertheless all outstanding payment would be completed by end of September 2015, but was quick to add that his suggestion and plan was subject to our agreement to call-off the strike action. We announced our commitment to the road map and further declared our expectation that the government will do same. We however stated unequivocally that in the event of breach of agreement by the government, we would respond to it in kind, and subsequently called off the strike same day.

At the end of September 2015, it has become evident that all the processes brokered by the government were strategic and deceptive steps to get us back to work. Just like all other workforce in Ghana, we have a duty to serve our clients and country but our rights to work under satisfactory, safe and healthy conditions, and to receive equal pay for equal work without distinction of any kind cannot be compromised.

Accordingly, we hereby serve you this letter, notice of failed agreement and our resolved to embark on an indefinite strike effective 1st October, 2015. Please be duly informed.Thank you.Signed1. Emmanuel Febiri 2. Philip Frempong Okyere 3. Christian Adisenu 4. Frederick Asare-Donkoh 5. Eugene Amponsah Dankwa