The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Mental Health Authority, Dr Akwasi Osei, has revealed that the authority is broke.

He said the government had not provided any funding for the MHA for close to two years adding that it is hindering the Authority from living up to expectation.

According to him, all efforts to get the government to come to their aid have proved futile.

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He added that the authority depends on benevolence of donors and other agencies.

He has called on government to commit more funds to support the activities of the Mental Health.

In an interview on Accra FM, he said "It has been two years now and we haven’t received any money from the government to do our work.

"At the moment, we are relying on donors, both externally and internally, and the day they will stop donating to us it means we can’t work. We are using this medium to remind the government that we need money to run the affairs at the Authority.

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"Go to the psychiatric hospital now and you will realise that we are really handicapped financially."