Ghanaians are concerned with the dangers such routes poses to drivers and pedestrians.

It is no surprise that many drivers have gained notoriety for various unpardonable offenses on the motorway.

It is reported the routes and the pedestrians who make use of them are often responsible for the numerous accidents on the motorway.

Unapproved routes on Accra-Tema motorway

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A phenomenon that is fast gaining currency on the road is creating various illegal U-turns and diversions on the highway. 

The 19km motorway is the oldest paved road in Ghana links the harbour city of Tema to Accra.

Unapproved routes on Accra-Tema motorway

Certain portions of the road have virtually been removed with iron rods exposed to the detriment of drivers who either have to swerve or fall in.

The Tema motorway, which some have argued that it no longer serves its purpose, has been reduced to a highway due to uncontrolled human activities such as illegal settlements and illegal bus stops created along the stretch.

Unapproved routes on Accra-Tema motorway

A visit by to the motorway could identify over 1000 slum settlements in different stages of development.

Settlements along the half-stretch of the Tema motorway from Tetteh Quarshie to the Community 18 junction exit on the motorway is a situation that has been building up, pun intended, for several years. 

Unapproved routes on Accra-Tema motorway

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The presence of these settlements poses dangers to lives, both the residents and users of the motorway, especially the industrial and residential properties on both sides of the road.

Unapproved routes on Accra-Tema motorway