The free SHS is a "mass production of illiterates” - Hassan Ayariga suggests alternative (video)

Founder and leader of the All People’s Congress, Dr Hassan Ayariga has described the Free Senior High School programme being implemented by the Akuffo Addo led New Patriotic Party government as a mass production of illiterates.

Hassan Ayariga describes the free SHS programme as mass production of illiterates, suggests alternative (video)

The Free Senior High school programme is one of the NPP government’s flagship policies which enables all Junior High School graduates to get enrolled in senior high schools across the country and be educated ‘without charges’.


However, Dr Ayariga told pulse Ghana’s Andreas Kamasah in an interview that, the manner in which the progamme is being ran makes it counterproductive, adding that it was not thought through properly because the government was in a hurry to please the youth who have attained voting age.

As if his view about the free SHS policy was not damaging enough, the APC leader further claims that the NPP government is only using the programme to cover up its incompetence, scoring the government 3 out of 10 for its performance since it took over the affairs of Ghana.

Regarding corruption and the setting up of the Special Prosecutor’s Office to deal with it, Hassan Ayariga said the office can only be effective if the government approaches the APC for the manual to run it.

According to him, the Special Prosecutor’s Office was the APC’s idea that the government stole and are clueless about how to implement it.

“They only used Martin Amidu to create that office, but in actual sense they don’t want him to fight anybody. They copied the special prosecutor policy from the APC, but they did not implement it well. so, sometimes when you are copying you ought to be careful because if you copy and the person covers the answer, you will get zero. They copied us and we covered the answer and that’s the difficulty they are finding now to implement it. They should come to me and I will open the answer for them,” Dr Ayariga asserted.

He further claimed that the NPP government is not serious about fighting corruption as they want Ghanaians to believe because the president himself is not committed to eradicate the canker.


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