The Coalition of Unemployed Nurses, Midwives and Psychiatric Nurses, has said it will not back down on plans to demonstrate at the flagstaff house on April 27, 2016 if government fails to post them to government hospitals for employment.

“We are embarking on a demonstration because government is obliged to recruit us immediately after we complete our service. We have served successfully. In August 2015 we finished our service. Per the bond terms, immediately you complete, government is to recruit you. That has not been done and we see that it is a violation of our rights and so we believe that we have to fight for that,” the President of the coalition, Adam Masahudu made this known at a press conference on Monday.

The unemployed nurses have also refused government's offer to enroll them on the YEA.

“We are trained as registered general nurses, midwives and not youth employment nurses. We are not going to the youth employment thing that they are talking of. We are even not qualified to go for that… We want to get to our various hospitals to practice as staff nurses. Nothing less, nothing more,” the president of the coalition said.

He added that “We want an immediate financial clearance to be released indicating the name, year of completion and also school of completion. All members must be given financial clearance, not that you give in batches. All of us want it at a go. We are also requesting for immediate posting of all members not only the financial clearance."