Theresa, who was the Wa Director of Education, was asked to assume an interim role as the head of the GES in the region following the suspension of Nsor over corruption allegations.

In a statement, the GES said one of the reasons for Nsor's interdiction include the auctioning of a truck belonging to the Wa School for the Deaf. Mr Nsor “…refused to inform the school and the Director-General of the Development,” the statement said.

He is also accused of taking bribes to appoint heads of Senior High Schools in the region, collecting as much as ¢10,000 for the position.

The statement also alleged that the suspended GES director put a price tag on the appointment of headteachers of senior high schools in the region and collects as much as ¢10,000 for the position.

He is alleged to have also collected ¢4,000 from assistant headteachers.

Theresa was announced as the Upper West GES director on Thursday, 13 February 2020 and passed away Friday February 14.