The Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) last Saturday declared their independence at a meeting in Ho in the Volta region.

However, the Ghana government rebutted and urged the public to disregard any claims of secession.

A statement from the Information Ministry went on to emphasise that Ghana remains a sovereign state.

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Volta secessionists
Volta secessionists

It added that that the various state security agencies are taking the necessary steps to bring the secessionists to book.

The HSGF has now hit back at the Ghana government, insisting they are only taking back their property.

In a statement, the group’s deputy PRO, George Nyakpo, warned the Ghanaian authorities against harming any of their citizens.

“The HSGF, therefore, and hereby appeals to all Western Togolanders to remain focused and take it as true that the land which was the Western portion of the divided Germans Suzerainty of Togo is naturally theirs and that the long patience that they had exercised should not lead to explosion unless Ghana takes the life of a member of our populace,” the statement reads.

“The HSGF is simply taking her property away, it is the law of the international world that can deal with this matter and not the gun-bearing authority of Ghana,” it added.