The Chairman of the Federation, Alhaji Showumni Abdulai Williamsi said since the NDC flagbearer lost power, there has been untold hardship in the country.

“Unfortunately, you lost and the loss has brought hardship to Ghana today, maybe I can partly blame you. Mr. President at the time, you were the commander in Chief of the Armed forces and you had all the power to check some people who came lawlessly into the country to train for atrocities which has led us to this situation,” he said.

NDC flagbearer, John Mahama
NDC flagbearer, John Mahama

It is time he made greater efforts to ensure he returns to power to ‘correct the mistakes’ he left behind, according to the Muslim leader.

“We are starving, our people are dying and we pray that you come back and rescue us.”

He is of the conviction that Mr. Mahama’s return to the presidency will restore the ‘lost treasures’ of Ghanaians, including the Muslim community.