Western Togoland secessionist leaders arrested

The leaders of the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), a group agitating for the secession of the Volta Region from Ghana have been arrested.

Western Togoland secessionist leader arrested

The lawyers for the group headed for a meeting with officials of the Office of National Security on May 6, 2019, following the arrest of Charles Kormi Kudjordjie, also known as Papavi Hogbedetor, and others.

The leaders of the group were picked up by the state security on Sunday evening.

The group is said to be stirring emotions in the region for the restoration of a so-called Western Togoland as a state.


Giving reasons for the desire to secede some months ago, the group argued that by the dictates of the 1956 plebiscite, the terms were no longer binding on the parties and that even certain portions of present Ghana were not considered during the referendum.

George Nyakpo, spokesperson for the group in an interview with Accra-based Class FM said the government needs to come to terms with the reality that post-independent Ghana is illegally holding on to a trust territory, which is the Western Togoland.


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