President Mahama should be held accountable for the errors in Ghanas 59th independence brochure that has caused embarrassment within the international community, the 2012 presidential candidate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom has said.

According to him, the president should take the blame because he was a representation of Ghana to the world during the independence celebrations.

“The responsibility goes with one person; the leader of the land. President John Dramani Mahama, he takes all credit, he takes all the blame, and this is one important huge error... he is the one we must hold accountable...he is the one who appointed all ministers who served or had anything to do with the Independence Day celebration...he is the one who appointed the staff at the Flagstaff House who supervised this work,” Dr Nduom said in a statement.

The official brochure distributed to the Kenyan President and his colleague from Guinea Bissau and their wives, members of the Diplomatic Corps, and many other senior dignitaries from Ghana, was froth with so many mistakes.

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The errors included the wrongful designation of Uhuru Kenyatta as Ghana’s President to errors in grammar and spelling.

Many Ghanaians expressed anger at the incident, adding that it is an embarrassment and a dent on the country's image.

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Acting Director of the Information Service Department (ISD), Francis Kwarteng Arthur was subsequently removed from office, after he admitted giving the go ahead for the brochures to be distributed during the anniversary in spite of the errors.

However, Dr. Nduom argues that the removal of the Acting Director of ISD was rather unfortunate.

“When an organisation is not about leadership, when an organisation is not about accountability and taking responsibility for leadership, that is what happens. It sacrifices the little people and leaves those who really have power, who have authority to sit there and continue to do the things that take the organisation backwards,” he added.

Meanwhile, President John Mahama has described as unfortunate errors that were detected in the brochures for Ghana's 59th Independence Day anniversary celebration.

According to the president, the errors were avoidable and the Chief of Staff is putting measures in place to forestall such mistakes from recurring in future celebrations.