Former Communications Minister, Dr Edward Kofi Omane Boamah, has been indicted in the Prof Kwesi Botchwey Committee report on the embarrassing defeat of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the 2016 elections.

According to the report, Dr. Omane Boamah, greatly contributed to the NDC’s embarrassing defeat in the elections.

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The report said, apart from former President Mahama, who was described as living a life of a ‘movie star’ in the run-up to the crucial general election, the two aides should take a portion of the blame for the NDC’s unprecedented electoral defeat.

The report recounted how the behaviour of former Presidential Staffer Stan Dogbe, in particular, caused the party’s massive defeat.

According to the report, "Dr. Omane Boamah and Stan Dogbe were the president’s undoing," adding, "The president was virtually naked with the two around him.

"Omane Boamah and Stan Dogbe convinced the president that he was more popular than the NDC ticket. The two were also the shadow actors of the government," it said.

The report also revealed how vehicles meant for the Presidential Press Corps were not given to them.

The report stated that "only 4 out of the 34 members of the Presidential Press Corps were given vehicles from a pool of about 200 vehicles available for distribution to the press corps and others."

In the report, the Committee’s engagement with a section of the Press provided a window into the state of the party’s relations with the media. The following is a sampling of their views:

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  • There was a disconnect between the media, party and the government communication machinery.
  • Party spokesperson go and mess up with other stations and come to do damage control on Radio Gold
  • NDC disrespected its own media
  • NDC is intolerant of the media
  • NDC sponsored pro-NPP media who painted themselves as neutral
  • NDC had no patience to build neutral station
  • NDC press corps went through inhumane treatment under the party
  • President Mahama’s in-house communication team was squandering resources of the President meant for communication strategy
  • Ill-treatment of the media; no respect for the media

Presidential press corps was told by stand Dogbe that they were not part of the ‘system’ and that they were privileged to be part of the presidential press corps.

Quarterly stipend meant for the press corps was not disclosed until August 30, 2016

Only 4 out of the 34 members of the Presidential Press Corps were given vehicles from a pool of about 200 vehicles available for distribution to the press corps and others.

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  • Dr Omane Boamah and Stan Dogbe were the President’s undoing. The President was virtually naked with the two around him.
  • Stan Dogbe smashed a pressman's recorder on one occasion and slapped another.
  • Stan Dogbe ‘edited’ money meant for victims of the accident involving the Presidential Press Corps from ¢50,000 that was supposed to be given to them to ¢5,000 and others got ¢10,000.
  • President never met his own presidential press corps among other views contributed to the party's abysmal showing in the December 2016 election.

However, Omane Boamah has denied claims that vehicles intended for the press corps were not given to them.

Dr Omane Boamah said he has "absolutely no idea" about claims in the Kwesi Botchwey report.

He described the claim of diverting cars for journalists at the presidency and other allegations as "lies which have been peddled over a period by some calculated by journalists [and] some calculated by politicians."

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In an interview on Accra-based Joy FM , he said  "you can look it from several position is that this is not a report that the NDC authored because the NDC has not made claim to this.

"Thank God the NDC is doing what is necessary to put the party on a strong and sound footing."